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The Chenango Valley Table Tennis Club

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Our Facility

The front of the Village Municipal Building.

CVTTC plays every Tuesday evening starting around 7:30pm at the Village of Sherburne Municipal Building located at 15 West State Street in Sherburne, NY.  One-night playing passes cost only $2.00; after that, we ask that you join our club as a member.
Restrooms are just outside the playing hall.
There are many convenient places to eat and park nearby.
The lighting in the playing room is new, and the paint is solid color.

A view of our playing area.


We use USATT-approved Harvard American tables. The nets sets we own are Butterfly Europa and Butterfly National sets. Our playing area has a ceiling up at 14 feet.

A close-up of our wood parque flooring.

There's an air-conditioned "cool down" room near the playing area. We play with only 3-star, 40mm balls. Flooring is made from forgiving wood parque.